Range of service - Repair all types of vehicles, brands and models

With the experience from more than 27 years of automotive, body-and paint- repair and our special knowledge of Van-, US -Vehicle and Mobile-home repair, we offer sophisticated solutions for all types of vehicles, brands and models.

• Body-, Paint- and Vehicle work
• Environmentally friendly Overhauling instead of replacing
• Complett accident service inkl. Electronic claims settlement and Vehicle Data Hotline (if required)
• Electronic Body- and axle alignment (car-o-liner System)
• Glass-, Plastics- and Aluminiumrepair
• Smart- or Spot-Repair
• Vehicles System-Diagnose
• Airco-Service, Tire-Service

„Impossible“ not with us: for a consistant high technical level, we continuously expand our range of services,invest in the latest technoligies and train our employees on an ongoing basis.