Service - Customers and cost orientation from the beginning!

Your wish is our command! but we like to tell you, whether there are perhaps alternative, i.e.e more economical repair methods for your special case. For example, many damaged parts of the vehicle, can be repaired ,instead of replacing it with expensive original-spareparts, in favour of original structure and stability!

We provide you with detailed and clear information on the expected repair size, make the individual work steps also the corresponding cost of materials for you transparently and contact you immediately, if there should be necessary changes in the expiry during the repair. So you can fully and completely rely on us!

We can immediately react in the claim: we have our own towingservice, rental cars of one's own and we offer a Pick-up and Bringservice (shuttleservice). After a thorough inspection of the damage and preparation of an open cost estimate we also like to take on the communication on customers request with the insurer: …this digitally, simply and fast accelerates the complete claim settlement –so, that you get mobile fast again! With guarantee a perfect repair result: the damaged vehicle is repaired again reliably, economically and in high quality. On the executed repairs we grant you 3 years guarantee! And finally you will get your vehicle back cleaned inside and on the outside therefore almost like new.